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Got (butter)milk?

31 Aug

If you’re like me, you often go shopping for your recipe ingredients without checking if you firstly already have some of the stuff at home or just without a list, nje. I always do this and annoy myself each time, more than the last time. It’s a horrible habit that I am trying to work through. I really am.

The one thing I always seem to forget to buy when I’m out shopping for my ingredients is buttermilk. Actually, 9 times out of 10, I can’t blame myself. Buttermilk is, for some bizarre and ridiculous reason unknown to me, hard to find in some of the major “supermarkets” around my neighborhood. And mind you, my neighborhood is rather far from any other neighborhood with shops. Well, far enough.

So here is my solution for all my fellow forgetters and outskirts-dwellers.

Side Note: When a recipe calls for buttermilk, obey it. Don’t you dare think you can substitute this calling for regular full-cream milk, or even worse 2% milk. Ah neva!! Buttermilk makes everything that much better (I’m quite sure I’ve mentioned this in my other posts…that’s how hectic I am over buttermilk). It just makes recipes creamier and richer and really when you are eating baked goods, that is what you are going for, right? Right. 
Better yet, when you see a recipe that calls just for milk. Bounce that, and use buttermilk instead! That’s just me though …. use it, don’t use it.

(Disclaimer: Be weary when it comes to cookies and other eats that you may not want to be too creamy.)

Ok, now where was I? Yes. So. It’s 9pm and the shops are closed (yes in the 3rd world, I mean), and you need buttermilk but you only have plain milk. Skim, nogal. Do not panic. All you need to do is pour the amount of regular milk equivalent into a small bowl, take a lemon, cut it in half, and juice it. Take the juice from the lemon, mix it with the milk with a fork and let it sit for a few minutes and voila …. there you go … you have your (ghetto) buttermilk! LOL. Depending on how much buttermilk you need, you’ll have to use your own discretion on how much lemon juice you need (and if you are lazy, which I know most of you are, because I am too sometimes, you can just use store-bought lemon juice in a bottle. I feel like a Judas for encouraging such. Oh well, nobody’s perfect). You’ll see when the milk is getting buttermilk-like by the little bubbles and the thicker lining it will eventually leave on the sides of the bowl when you swirl the mixture around.

I learnt this little trick from none other than my momma. The expert chef.

You can thank me (and her) later … 🙂