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Fun Healthy Eats

27 Apr

Though I love me some rich, sweet, chocolate-induced, food, I try my hardest to treat myself to that kind of stuff once a week or sometimes, when I’m really good, once a month (very rare, this). So for the rest of the week, I try to calorie count and eat as healthy as possible so I dont feel so bad when I gorge on cream cheese brownies with full fat ice cream on Sunday. 🙂

As a rheumatoid arthritis sufferer and someone who really hates medicine, I’ve done a whole lot of research on what foods to avoid that cause inflammation, and what to eat which helps ease some of the pains. The verdict is still out on whether or not my findings have had a truly significant influence on my condition, but maybe that’s because I nullify these efforts every weekend. Oops.

So much of the information I found on preventing or reducing inflammation of the joints mentioned that all things with wheat and/or gluten are not good for arthritis sufferers (as well as dairy products, red meat, eggs, and anything overly acidic). If you know anything about food and food allergies, you’ll know that gluten is basically in E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G. So so annoying! And all gluten-free products are unreasonably expensive and majority of them, you have to make from scratch (i.e. bread, tortillas, cakes, muffins) … Well, on this side of the world at least.

Anyhow, I decided one sunday to try and make some gluten-free pizza when I stumbled upon a ready-made gluten free pizza base mix at one of those “Natural” pharmacies around town. Instead of cheddar or cow’s milk cheese, I decided to go for an apparently, healthier version of cheese, goat’s milk cheese. Don’t frown, it’s actually SO delicious. It has a very tangy, awkward taste, and at first you may even think it’s a bit off, but trust me, mix it with the right things and it is heaven on earth. Instead of regular tomato base I used organic products to make a tomato, olive and capers pizza sauce, and topped it with Woolworth’s organic basil pesto. Topped off with some fresh green and red peppers and a little garlic & herb spice, and voila!!!! A healthy, yet surprisingly tasty pizza! And the calories, don’t even worry about it!

The important thing to remember when making gluten free anything, it is crucial to ensure your measurements are EXACT. Which is always something I struggle with. But one wrong teaspoon and the whole thing is gone to the dogs 🙂