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Dessert Table Inspirations

13 Nov

Hey guys! Just wanted to introduce you to another side of what Bella Pastry does.

Above and beyond providing you with sinfully delicious cupcakes and other baked goods, we now are also dipping and dabbling head-first into a little bit of the event process with our new Dessert Table Inspirations.

We all know how important the dessert part of an event is. And if you don’t know how important it is, I need you to crawl out from under the rock you have been dwelling under and get down on it!!


Whether it’s a massive wedding, a birthday party, baby shower or kiddies party, the dessert portion of the event is a pretty big deal. All events need desserts, and don’t you dare argue with me on this one because you know it’s true. Who doesn’t like a little bit of sweet, or a lot a bit of sweet? If you raise your hand to that, you may or may not have a problem, and now would be the time for you to not be on this blog 🙂

So back to dessert tables. Now Bella Pastry provides you with actual table rental, deco, and other accessories to accompany the desserts you have chosent to take center stage at your event. By accessories I mean vases filled with flowers, balloons, decorative touches such as glass bowls filled with candy, marbles, marshmallows. We also do personalised touches such as signage, cute little sayings, banners, whatever it is you need to make your dessert table look like something out of a movie!!

Photo Not Mine, but this is a gorgeous example of the possibilities

Below is a copy of one of our Dessert Table Checklists for you to have an idea of what I’m talking about here. When, not if, but when, you arrange for a consultation, we’ll bring this along so we can go through all the things you need for your event!

So do best and call 74437735 or 72925268 or email to arrange for a consultation for yur next event.


Menus and Order Forms

13 Nov

A few weeks ago I posted the new Cupcake Menu onto the Cupcake Menu page, but just in case you are having trouble navigating through the blog and still can’t find it, here it is below:

Just click on the picture for it to expand.

And another addition to our service is our Bakery Order Forms.



To ease the process of ordering, just fill in our order form and email it back to Will save you the effort of having to place a call.


Step awaaaaay from the cake!

10 Oct

After a lovely and intense workout, I always get inspired. Usually I get inspired to eat things that I shouldn’t eat, but luckily today the inspiration led me elsewhere.

I have been running Bella Pastry Bakery in Gaborone since around 2009 (under a different name). It had initially started out as just a cupcake catering company because cupcakes are my passion. I absolutely love them. I find them to be more practical than a cake. You can have your own individual one without having to purchase a whole cake and cut it into slices and run the risk of letting the cake dry out unless you finish it in the same day. They are portable and virtually your own private cake. What is better than that, really?


Bella Pastry Cupcakes


Another reason why I love cupcakes is because they are so adorable to decorate. Yes you can decorate cakes and send special messages via them, but that just strikes me as so old-fashioned. Cakes are overdone. Our grandparents and parents have completely overdone the cake thing. Might as well put a toothpick with a written message into a scone or a rock bun and call it innovative.


Photo Not Mine


Cupcakes are just generally a fresher way of entertaining. You can use them to spice up your corporate events, huge birthday parties, nightclub events, anything. By simply placing a small edible image and some edible glitter on top of these little babies you can promote your brand/event in such a cool and non-traditional way. And, you can eat it afterwards, it literally doesn’t get any better than that.

Bella Pastry Corporate Cupcakes


So why am I giving you this whole schpeel about my seemingly intense love affair with cupcakes? Well because, I wanna tell you another little story about my business experience. After endless calls from people asking if I do kiddies cakes, and 3D cakes and this cake and that cake, I bit the bullet and decided to train myself on how to make abovementioned cakes and started to include them in my menu. Not something I wanted to do AT ALL, but in business, sometimes you have to get over yourself and do what you don’t want to do to get what you need. What you need being revenue, profit, and the likes.


Bella Pastry Cupcake Cake…best of both worlds 🙂

However, being the perfectionist that I am, I have decided to (for the moment) stray away from CUSTOMISED cakes (we still doing plain cakes with buttercream icing) for the simple fact that I don’t like doing shabby jobs. I want my customers to feel like they’ve walked out of Buddy’s Bakery in Hoboken, New Jersey (think Cake Boss on TLC), or Divine Delicacies in Miami. Not a shebeen version of a bakery in Gaborone. So, it’s best to stick to what I know and what I know, is CUPCAKESSSSS (and cookies, brownies, muffins, cake pops/truffles and Cinnamon Rolls). But yes, it’s time to bring Cupcakes BACK to the headlining spot on the bill and to gently ask you, my trusty customers and friends, to step away from the cake.

One of our delivery boxes in the “Sweet Little Things” Cupcake range…

What you want from a cake, you can get from cupcakes, guys. In an even more nifty and presentable manner for that matter. It’s 2012. You do not need the towering fondant covered cake that your guests will not even eat and that you and your husband will dangerously FORCE your teeth into months after the wedding because it’s tradition. Why not go for a Cupcake/Cake Tower combo. That being a tower of delicious, highly edible cupcakes with a top cake (so you can still stick to the tradition of having that gosh darn fruit cake and plastic icing).


Bella Pastry Cupcake Tower

Photo Not Mine


Wanna propose? Why not get your fiance-to-be a box of delightful little cupcakes with the words “Will You Marry Me” spelled out on top, or stuck into the cupcakes? Want to apologise, say ‘thank you’, ask anything else, inappropriate or appropriate? Yes, dear friends, you can surely do that with cupcakes.

Photo Not Mine

Bella Pastry “Sweet Little Things” Range…

Bella Pastry Cupcakes

Photo Not Mine (Perfect for Bridal Showers/Bachelorette Parties/Engagement Parties)

Want to give your clients something to remember you by, and NOT  a mousepad or a cooler-bag with a dinner set in it for camping purposes? Yep, cupcakes…..

Bella Pastry Cupcakes for Botswana Guardian

So the next time you would like to do anything related to what I have ever so nicely spelled out for you above in this very long-winded blog post, think of Bella Pastry and our Sweet Little Things range …. nothing gives me more joy than helping you make others happy….so do the right thing. Close your mouth before you say the word “Cake”, unless you’re putting the word “Cup” in front of it (well at least when you’re ordering from me LOL) … and kindly, think outside the box!!!

Marilyn Monroe Cupcake Art courtesy of Baked By Melissa. Those are all mini cupcakes. Yes, we can do that too!


Remember, call +26774437735 or +26772925268 or email to place your order today and to find out how WE can help YOU step away from the cake and make a much bigger impact with our lovely cupcakes!

We still sell other baked goods too 🙂