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Menus and Order Forms

13 Nov

A few weeks ago I posted the new Cupcake Menu onto the Cupcake Menu page, but just in case you are having trouble navigating through the blog and still can’t find it, here it is below:

Just click on the picture for it to expand.

And another addition to our service is our Bakery Order Forms.



To ease the process of ordering, just fill in our order form and email it back to Will save you the effort of having to place a call.



What’s better than a cupcake?

12 May

A big ass one!!! 🙂

Introducing, Bella Pastry’s ginormous Cupcake Cake. Perfect for birthdays or if you genuinely would just like to see yourself binging on a ridiculously sized cupcake. Made in any of our cupccake flavours and covered in fondant in a color of your choice, this big boned baby goes for P200 (with deco) or P150 (without deco). But sincerely, who wants a beautifully large cupcake without deco??

My favorite part here is the cherry, which I made with sugar paste. It’s a big deal, to me.

 Do the right thing and call: +26774437735 or +26772925268 or email us at

Don’t deny yourself the sweetness 🙂

Diva Cake

27 Mar

ImageAnother weekend, another set of cakes to make 🙂 This past weekend I had two cakes to make, a Drum-Kit Cake and a “Diva” Cake (which ended up being a rectangular shaped cake with sugar paste shoe and a cake “Purse”).

I used an amaaaaaaazing recipe for Chocolate Mud cake that I got from a new book I purchased on cake-decorating a few weeks ago. This may just be my new favorite Chocolate Cake recipe, though I am finding it hard to part with my original recipe which I’ve been using for a while now. The Chocolate Mud Cake recipe, though, is great for decorating because its a bit tougher than my normal recipe, so it holds well when you’re cutting layers and doing deco work. Not to mention its DELISH!!!

I’m still a cupcake girl at heart, but I won’t lie, doing cakes is getting more and more exciting!