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If I Could Marry Food…

11 Oct
….I would marry the French freaking toast at Burnsides Cafe┬áin Craighall Park, Johannesburg, South Africa. Yes, I just had to put the whole entire full blown location of the restaurant because you need to go there and you cannot get lost in the proess.
I’m a huge fan of breakfast foods, mainly because I’m too lazy to make real proper breakfast for myself these days and it is so hard to find a good, scrumptious, hypertension-inducing breakfast around these here parts. My favorite thing ever is the mixture of sweet and savoury at breakfast time, and french toast with bacon always satisfies this. Jealous down, this french toast was out of this world.

Me describing it would be doing major injustice to the experience. You simply have to go check it out yourself, hopefully the pictures will make my case of obsession for this breakfast meal a bit more legitimate.