Some Bella Pastry FAQ’s :-)

13 Nov

I wanted to take a little time to post some questions with answers that I often get asked in regards to what Bella Pastry offers and how we operate. I hope this clears up a lot for the new customers, and re-emphasizes a few things for oldies. Enjoy guys 🙂

What is Bella Pastry Bakery and where are you guys located?

Bella Pastry Bakery is a gourmet dessert catering service. At this moment, we are not a shop, there is no shop or place where you can drive to, arrive, and pick up one or two cupcakes, sit down and have them, and then go home. Though that is the ultimate dream and vision for Bella, it is not what is occurring at the moment. Like Curry Pot, Executive Catering and On-Time Catering, Bella Pastry does the exact same, but just with dessert only. So just like how you  cannot decide you want a plate of Seswaa and rice and drive to the Curry Pot offices and expect to get one on a random Tuesday, you cannot do the same with Bella Pastry Baked goods.

We operate on an “orders only” basis. Meaning, you have to call +26774437735/+26772925268 or email to place an order with enough notice for us to be able to prepare it for you with the care and love that we want to put into ALL of our orders. Hence why I always advise against placing last minute orders. No one in the service providing industry likes to say “No” to a customer, but at the same time, last minute requests oftentime present with last minute results. So please be sure you place your orders well in advance (at least 24 hours for smaller orders and 72 hours for actual event orders).

Once you’ve placed your order, you can arrange for delivery/collection (which I will cover later) and the house from which the orders are prepared is in Phakalane. Directions are only provided upon request.

Do you guys make customised 3D birthday cakes?

At the moment we only make simplistic birthday cakes. Not 3D ones. Those include buttercream frosting cakes like the one below:

And some fondant covered ones, but nothing over-the-top or hectic.

We do however specialise in customised 3D Cupcakes and they are a wonderful alternative to the traditional cake.

Do you make wedding cakes?

Bella Pastry doesn’t make traditional wedding cakes, but we do make gorgeous and stunning cupcake-cake tower combo cakes for weddings, such as the ones below:

Do you guys deliver?

Yes we certainly deliver but only for orders of 12 and upwards. Delivery outside of Phakalane costs P25. Delivery to Village/Tlokweng/Kgale Area costs P30. For any orders of less than 12, you will have to collect. As I mentioned earlier, directions will be provided upon request.

What is a Spot Sale?

Every now and then I will post on the Bella Pastry Twitter page or Facebook page that cupcakes are available for a low price (lower than the menu price). Let me explain to you slowly what this is about.

Often a customer will make an order for maybe a Bella Box which is a combination of three different cupcake flavors and thus results in me having leftovers of a certain flavor because there is only so much of a minimum you can make when making cupcakes without destroying the flavor and quality of the cupcakes. On days like this (which are random) I will advertise a Spot Sale, advertising the cupcake flavors on sale, and they will always be at a cheaper price.

The reason they are cheaper is simply because they are leftovers and thus are not decorated in the same way that someone who ordered a batch of cupcakes for a bridal shower or work event would have theirs decorated. Often times they are frosted using just a plain knife and not a decorative tip. See below:

Pre-order Cupcakes

Spot Sale

So how do you know if there is a Spot Sale going on? Follow @BellaPastry on Twitter or Like the Bella Pastry Bakery page on FB. If you don’t see a Spot Sale being advertised on that day, please know we do not have any available cupcakes, unless of course you place an order. Which you can always do. Whatever we have we advertise to sell. Makes sense, yeah?

Do you guys do savoury treats as well?

The answer to this would be no. We specialise only in desserts and won’t be able to help with samoosas and chicken wings and the likes.

Do you provide jumping castles, clowns, other ambiguous things for kiddie parties?

No. Again, we are simply a dessert catering service. Though we have a new Dessert Table Inspirations offering (see previous blog post), we do not assist with anything that is not involved with the dessert catering aspect of your event at this time.

Do you have a minimum order amount?

Yes. Our minimum order for cupcakes is 12. Our minimum order for the baked goods section (Excluding cakes/pies), is 24.

Do you offer bulk discounts or office discounts?

Yes, depending on how much you are ordering and how frequently you are ordering, we do provide discounts. Especially for office orders. For example, if you sign a contract with us that includes us delivering to your office on a weekly/bi-weekly/monthly basis, we offer you a sizeable discount for doing so.

Do you offer baking lessons?

At this time, no. No baking lessons are offered. However we are looking for young, vibrant people to train and hopefully employ to assist with preparation, decorating, washing/cleaning, etc. So if you are interested, please contact us so we can discuss!

I hope that answers your questions guys. These are simply just the most frequently asked ones. If you have any questions that are not posted here, please send an e-mail to and you will have a response soonest.


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