Dessert Table Inspirations

13 Nov

Hey guys! Just wanted to introduce you to another side of what Bella Pastry does.

Above and beyond providing you with sinfully delicious cupcakes and other baked goods, we now are also dipping and dabbling head-first into a little bit of the event process with our new Dessert Table Inspirations.

We all know how important the dessert part of an event is. And if you don’t know how important it is, I need you to crawl out from under the rock you have been dwelling under and get down on it!!


Whether it’s a massive wedding, a birthday party, baby shower or kiddies party, the dessert portion of the event is a pretty big deal. All events need desserts, and don’t you dare argue with me on this one because you know it’s true. Who doesn’t like a little bit of sweet, or a lot a bit of sweet? If you raise your hand to that, you may or may not have a problem, and now would be the time for you to not be on this blog 🙂

So back to dessert tables. Now Bella Pastry provides you with actual table rental, deco, and other accessories to accompany the desserts you have chosent to take center stage at your event. By accessories I mean vases filled with flowers, balloons, decorative touches such as glass bowls filled with candy, marbles, marshmallows. We also do personalised touches such as signage, cute little sayings, banners, whatever it is you need to make your dessert table look like something out of a movie!!

Photo Not Mine, but this is a gorgeous example of the possibilities

Below is a copy of one of our Dessert Table Checklists for you to have an idea of what I’m talking about here. When, not if, but when, you arrange for a consultation, we’ll bring this along so we can go through all the things you need for your event!

So do best and call 74437735 or 72925268 or email to arrange for a consultation for yur next event.


One Response to “Dessert Table Inspirations”

  1. frostyourlife November 13, 2012 at 5:14 pm #

    The Checklist should be really helpful!

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