Mother’s Day :-)

8 May

Mother’s Day is almost here guys … Forgive me for the disgustingly late post, but we have plenty of specials to help you make your Moms feel all kinds of special this coming Sunday. I don’t feel TOO bad about the lateness of this post because, like me, I know most of ya’ll wait till last minute on these things anyway!!!

In conjunction with the awesome locally owned Le’Blomo floral company (74498065), we are running an incredible special for a total of JUST P250. You get a choice of either a customised Mother’s Day Cake (8″) or 12 Couture cupcakes in any of our cupcake flavors AND an amaaaazing unique custom made floral arrangement delivered to the special mother in your life.

Let me tell you, their flowers are absolutely gorgeous, and much better than your average Woolies or Pick N Pay bouquet!!!

Ok, our OTHER special, is our Mother’s Day Cupcake Special. It’s simple; order 1 dozen cupcakes and get the second dozen, half off! Yep, 50% off. So, in other words, if you order 2 dozen cupcakes, you get 1 dozen cupcakes for free. Who doesn’t want that?

And last but not least, you get 10% off of any baked goods order (Asides from cupcakes).

Unfortunately, you cannot combine all the specials. I know some of ya’ll were probably thinking of ways to combine them and end up paying like nothing for three cakes and a bouquet of flowers. Sorry…..we gotta make money too, right?

So please call 74437735 or 72925268 orrrr 74498065 or email for more information on these lovely specials, or really, just to make an order!!!!

Love and light ya’ll!


One Response to “Mother’s Day :-)”

  1. siwe May 13, 2012 at 1:04 pm #

    Loves! Wish I was in Bots 🙂 I’ve also just started bloggn mama. Check it out and puhlease gimme pointers and crits. Mwah.

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