Easter Time

3 Apr

It’s Holy Week and thus almost a few more days ’till Easter. Those of us who are Christian and celebrate Easter know how important this week is. And most importantly how special and monumental Good Friday and Easter Sunday are. Its usually on these days where we finally get a chance to rejoice and celebrate after 40 days of fasting and repenting! And for those who don’t prescribe to the holy week, well this week is still representative of the time of year when goodies and yummies are to be enjoyed 🙂



It’s a time of year when we munch, munch, munch on all kinds of goodies. Chocolate covered bunnies, speckled eggs, cinnamon rolls, and in our case … CUPCAKES!

This year we are running a special on Easter Egg Cupcakes. It’s basically 6 mini cupcakes in any of our standard flavors (Chocolate, Vanilla, Red Velvet or Carrot) decorated in Easter/Spring motif and placed in a little egg carton and wrapped in a beautiful ribbon. Perfect gift for family, friends and loved ones for this special holiday season. It’s not too late to place an order, and they are going for only P40.00 a box!!


And if you’re not into cupcakes, why not celebrate your Easter Sunday with our to-die-for Cinna-Rolls (yummy cinnamon rolls doused in our amaze cream cheese frosting), brownies, cookies, cheesecakes and/or muffins.


Call +26774437735 or email us at bellapastrybakery@gmail.com to place an order today!


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