The Wonderful Naija Flying Machiiiine! LOL

7 Mar

I have a wonderful and awesome friend named Ro-anne who has a love for much, but mostly two things in particular: the country of Nigeria and the Air Force. She’s a kick-ass chick who works with the Air Force in South Africa, and who’s job used to take her to Lagos quite often. Hence the love for them both!


It was her birthday last week and her very good friend, who also happens to be my very good friend, asked me to make her a cake. Something that she would fall in love with and something that emulates the amazing character she is. Of course it took none but 5 seconds to come up with the idea to do this cake. It fits her perfectly and she LOVED it. Actually made her cry.

It took a lot of manpower and lots of petrol to get this cake to her in Jo’burg but it finally made it and seemingly in one piece. I wasn’t there to celebrate her big night on the day, but glad I have lots of pictures as proof of how much she loved the thing!!


Still new with these cakes so you’ll see a lot of humps and bumps and cracks but all-in-all it came out great. The cake was a mixture of Red Velvet and Chocolate (the layers and the airplane were all different pieces of both cake flavors) and it took a helluva long time to make.


All this cake making is great practice though and I’m so grateful for all my lovely friends who give me the confidence to keep on makin’ em! Love you guys.


Don’t forget to e-mail or call +26774437335 for quotes on all our goodies.


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