22 Feb

In honor of all the hoopla going on around Rihanna’s new Birthday Cake Remix with her former abuser/bf, I just wanted to post a few more pics of some of the coolio cakes I’ve done recently.


First up is our yummy Ladies’ Hat cake that was made for an equally yummy young woman who was celebrating her (very) belated birthday. As fabulous as she is, the cake had to be equally fabulous. The theme for her ‘do was Sunglasses and Hats, and so it was only fitting to make a lavender/blue-ish ladies hat cake for her.

I had actually had a completely other idea for how this cake would come out. I actually had laid out some fondant to make the brim of the hat two nights earlier in the hopes that it would harden in the way I wanted the hat to appear. BAD IDEA. When the day came to actually make the hat it just WASN’T working out. Mad and angry at 2am after all that hard work, I simply just flopped the fondant over the hat and this is what I came out with. Thank God for His little misplaced blessings, because this looked much better than the other version could have!


The flavors inside were Red Velvet (of course) and Classic Vanilla. Everyone loved it…..:-)Image


Next up is the super awesome RockStar Cake I made for an adorable little girl who was turning 10 a few weeks ago. Her mom had wanted something “cool”, that wasn’t too girlie. So when I found out she played the drums, I thought “duh!” what better than to make her a Drum-Kit cake.


I’m fairly new at the Cake-Game so you’ll notice that some of the edges are a little bumpy, but hey, for a first try I’d have to say it’s not so bad! The molding process took quite some time (to make the actual drums, and the likes) but it was such an awesome learning experience and I absolutely loved the way the cake came out at the end, despite the rough edges as previously mentioned!!!



Can’t wait to do more cakes!!!!!! Remember to email or call us at +26774437735 for menus/consultations and whatever other confectionery needs you may have!


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