More Yummies

9 Feb

Just another update on some of the new stuff to come out of our kitchen this week!!

So celebration cakes are obviously really popular and I’ve been getting a few orders for them. Not something I am used to doing but definitely enjoy doing them. Afterall, it is my dream to be the Southern African Buddy from Carlo’s Bakery (from the TLC show, Cake Boss), so I’m glad I’m getting these opportunities. It’s always fun to meet with a client and have them tell you what they want and to start to think of all the cool and crazy options out there!!

No hydraulics like Buddy, yet but in time, in time 🙂

Here’s a 30th Bday cake I made for a customer last week…

And next we have our cupcakes….my favorites!!! Cookies and Cream .. these are a rich and tangy Chocolate cupcake filled with our favorite Cream Cheese Frosting and iced with an Oreo Cookie Cream Cheese Frosting, and topped with of course, an Oreo. These are ridiculously sweet. Beware!!! Yummy nonetheless.

And lastly, some Lemon Meringue Babies. These are so delightful, but especially when eaten straight out of the oven. Left for a few hours and the meringue topping goes to bed, if you know what I mean. Just falls flat 😦 But still delicious. That lining of lemon curd between the hot cupcake and the Meringue….ONCE!





Don’t forget to check out or Cupcake Menu and Bakery Menu pages for prices!!! (For Celebration Cakes, please request a quote!) at:




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