Sweet Love …

21 Jan

A few days ago my wonderful friend, Rona, got married to her sweetheart, O.P. It was such a beautiful and love-filled day and I am so glad that I not only got to be there to witness it, but that I had the opportunity to make the very special cake/cupcakes for her very special day.

Yes, you all know how I feel about weddings, so I won’t reiterate my intense love for them. This wedding was so laid-back, so easy, so relaxed and therefore truly reflected the amazing love that these two have for each other. I wish them ALL the luck in the world, all the happiness, joy and peace of mind and heart, as well!!!

Though I love weddings, doing cupcakes and cakes for them gives me MUCH anxiety and panic. If you know me, you know how easy it is for me to fall into said anxiety and panic, but seriously, these kind of events send me spiraling! The wedding cake is such an integral part of the wedding ceremony (in my opinion). There’s always talk after the event of how the cake was, how it looked, the detail, etc. and therefore, being responsible for doing the WHOLE thing this time, well, yeah, it adds a LOT of pressure to a baker like myself whose used to doing smaller scale productions!


Nevertheless, after many many cups of chamomile teas, calming words from my mother and sister, I managed to successfully prepare 150 delightful little Lemon Meringue Cupcake, Classic Vanilla Cupcakes AND one Lemon Meringue Cake with fondant icing (and an adorbs wedding cake topper of a bride and groom on a motorbike to honor the groom’s riding hobby) for the wonderful bride and groom and all of their guests.

Rona, thank you once again for choosing me to be part of the team that serviced your ceremony. I’m glad you enjoyed them and I look forward to doing the same for your baby shower, whenever that may be, no pressure now, none!! 🙂

The lovely couple!

Pictures courtesy of: http://www.dreamteamimaging.com

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