Oreo Chocolate Cake

8 Jan

We had an order this weekend for a cake, no real instruction, just “something chocolatey”. Those are always the best kind of orders. It allows me the opportunity to experiment and play around with things.

The other day I’d bought some sour cream with the hopes of using it in a dinner meal, turns out there was a change of plans and I was left with sour cream and no dinner meal. I knew there had to be SOME way to incorporate this sour cream into something yummy and chocolatey and then remembered a recipe I once saw for delicious Chocolate Sour Cream frosting. I didn’t have any dark/milk chocolate in the house and time was not on my side so I substituted the dark/milk chocolate for white chocolate discs that I DID have and it turned out just as good, if not better. The frosting kind of had a cream cheese taste to it, and we all know how much I love me some cream cheese frosting on my cakes and cupcakes!!!

After dressing up the rich chocolate fudge cake with the White Chocolate Sour Cream frosting, and decorating the top with chocoalte cake shavings taken from the cut pieces of cake I got when cutting the cake down flat, I realised that this cake, just looked like it needed Oreos in its life. Hence how this cake became the Oreo Chocolate Cake.


I’ll try and post the recipe soon, but for now, just enjoy the picture!!!! It’s now on our Bella Pastry Bakery Menu so e-mail bellapastrybakery@gmaill.com to order your cake today!!


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